IPv4 & IPv6 are changing without update

Hi, today I was wondering why my update script wants to update my IP very often.
A short test (ping every 10 seconds on my domain) then showed that the IPv4 changed at irregular intervals from the correct IP (89.244.12x.1xx) to an unknown IP (89.244.12x.1xx) - (the “x” are changing).
However, the web interface states that the last update was 12 hours ago, which is correct.
The IPv6 also changes at irregular intervals, but not that often.
My password is definitely secure and the token is used for the update.

Has anyone an idea what it could be?

Hi, ich habe mich heute gewundert, warum mein Update-Script sehr oft meine IP aktualisieren möchte.
Ein kurzer Test (ping alle 10 Sekunden auf meine Domain) ergab dann, dass sich die IPv4 in unregelmässigen Abständen von der korrekten (89.244.12x.1xx) auf eine mir unbekannte IP (89.244.12x.1xx) änderte - (die “x” ändern sich).
Im Webinterface steht allerdings, dass die letzte Aktualisierung vor 12 Stunden war, was auch korrekt ist.
Die IPv6 ändert sich auch in unregelmäßigen Abständen, aber nicht so oft.
Mein Passwort ist definitiv sicher und für das Update wird der Token benutzt.

Hat irgendjemand eine Idee woran es liegen könnte?

I’ve changed password and token → same behavior :pensive:

btw: IPv6 is changing from
2001:16b8:5cxx:xd00:e65f:1ff:fe34:1539 (only x is changed)
(yes, it’s a raspberry pi :wink:)

So it’s only the prefix changing.

did you check all 3 nameservers of dynv6.com (i’m not very familar with all commands, but i checked with: nslookup yourdomain.tld ns1.dynv6.com). There came sometimes different results, but on the same nameserver the same. So the update didnt reached all 3 nameserver. How do you update your data? which protocol do you use?
another thread of that problem:
Ns3.dynv6.com not working (Ipv4/IPv6)

Update is done via update API with ipv6prefix=auto.
I am currently checking the 3 nameservers every 30 seconds, but the problem has not occurred in the last few hours.

Today the error reappeared again … ns1.dynv6.com has been reporting an incorrect IPv6 since 7.5 hours.
The reported IP is not my old one, it seems to be another randomly generated one.
Again, the difference is minimal:
xxx:xxx:xxx:cb00:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx (my ip)
xxx:xxx:xxx:1c00:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx (reported ip)

Ok, that is strange,
what was your ip of the day before? Are you shure that it was not that ip?
For me it works right now. You can either update one more record, and delete it again. It seems, that this updates the nameserver again. Or your script (i made one) checks all 3 nameserver and updates as long as there is one wrong.
Best regards

Same error today:
ns1 reports: xxxx:xxxx:f28:f100:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx
ns2+3 reports: xxxx:xxxx:f07:1f00:xxxx:xxxxx:xxxx:xxxx

This time, it is my old ip …

Same problem today.
I removed IPv6-record now and currently only use IPv4 on my dynv6-account.

Today the problem also occurs with IPv4.
It affected my own account and that of a friend who I also look after. In both cases it helped to delete the entry and create a new one. But after reconnecting the Internet connection, only name servers 2+3 were up to date again.
My script continually tries to update the IP as long as a name server is still delivering the wrong IP. However, the update server responds with “addresses unchanged” because it assumes that the IPs have already been entered correctly.

Unfortunately, dynv6.com is no longer a candidate for me for the time being.

Luckily I still have an account at spdyn.de and am now trying it in parallel with dnshome.de.

If the error is found here, I’ll be happy to try it again with dynv6.com.
The corresponding lines are only commented out in the script :wink: