[solved] Records within a zone get deleted after some time

In AAAA record got lost users reported that record entries vanish after a short period (minutes to hours).

I did not yet observe disappearing/vanishing records myself, and looking at the code, I don’t see why/how any records should be deleted.

Nonetheless, I’m setting up a monitoring system to catch this in a timely manner.

It looks like this behaviour is attributed to one misbehaving node in our DB cluster.

There was a hickup 2-3 weeks ago where the DB package failed to install/upgrade. In consequence, updates sent to that nameserver were not retained and propagated to the other nameservers. In other words: sending an update to ns1 would not have shown up on ns2 (and vice versa; although I’m not sure which servers were actually affected).

The fact that the DNS record for dynv6.com returns the IP addresses of the nameservers in a round-robin fashion concealed the issue for most of our users. It strongly depended on the system’s/router’s/ISP’s DNS client for how long they cache the A/AAAA response for dynv6.com for the issue to show up.

Since the DB cluster now is in a working state again, and I cannot reproduce it, I’m considering this issue resolved.