AAAA record got lost

I’ve had several records, including MX, disappearing from my domains recently. The same has happened to friends too. These issues have been going on far too long without being properly fixed. I know it’s a free service, but I think that the only viable solution is to move to another provider.

If anyone knows a service that supports IPv6 prefixes, please let me know

I lost the MX , 3 CAA , and 1 TXT record within the last 48 hours to add to the topic. I did have a zone with cloud in its name, deleted that in reaction to the latest posts but to no avail - pretty much annoying. :frowning_face:

Some records for several zones have also disappeared for me (AAAA for all zones(!) but not for subdomains, 1 TXT for zone). They have disappeared from the web frontend as well as from REST queries. But they resolve correctly on both google and cloudflare. Even the TXT record can be queried with nslookup/dig. Everything worked for years, the only new thing is the TXT record about 3 weeks ago. Never had subdomains with cloud in their name.

All very strange. All very annoying.

A couple of days ago my AAAA records were lost too. My two zones each contain only a AAAA record and a CNAME record. Admittedly a simple configuration, but a disappearing configuration is always annoying.

Because of this thread I began to develop a small REST client that checks the configuration of the zones and corrects them if needed. I use node.js to implement it. The first prototype has given positive results. I plan to use a cron job to call the client cyclically.

I think that I will publish a first version in GitHub in the next days or weeks. If you’re interested I can post the link to the repository once I’ve created it.


Me to , I lost many times

If someone wnats to go further:
Do you believe its working through a side effect? Someone maybe deletes unauthorized your entries? I made a deletion via ssh and a number of records were deleted which didnt belong to my account: Deleting not existing records via SSH

If someone wants eto explore deeper, i could help a little…
Have a nice day

I had the same problem here yesterday, but so far only this once.

It hit me too. For the second time, all AAAA entries of the ‘main’ subdomains were gone, the ‘sub’ subdomains were unaffected. As strange as annoying. Are there actually no statements from the operators?

The (only) TXT entry is gone too, again. Can it be due to TXT entries?

It happens all the time. This is just bs.

I need to recreate the records every single day because they will disappear every freaking day.

Same here. and (domain edited) as AAAA entry get lost regularly and have to be recreated. staff, please investigate this issue!

Same here. All record
Are they restored automatically?
Did i make a mistake?

A lost the records already for the second time.
This means al lot of trouble for me unfortunatlely and seems to happen not only one time.
Is there a more reliable solution here (or elsewhere)? Or did i made something wrong? Do i have to login and confirm the account after some time for example?

Every day? Seems to be getting a lot worse for me recently. Friday I had my nextcloud. domain disappear within minutes every time I recreated it. Could not get my phone to connect anymore, because I need to put it into airplane mode, wait half a minute and then wait for wifi to reconnect before it would try again to resolve the dns. By that time the entry was already gone again.

My update script runs every 5 minutes now. But don’t worry, it first checks the dns entry before issuing an update. Don’t want to put additional stress on the system.

Aaaannnnddd gone again. That was quick!

Do you run a linux update script? Are you using nsupdate to recreate your vanished domains?
I would be happy to get a hint how you solved the problem :slight_smile:

Yes, I run a Linux script. It executes dig where X is 1, 2, or 3 (round-robin) every minute. If this fails, it has usually not been propagated to other name servers yet so there is enough time to restore the lost record(s) with the REST API (but nsupdate would do, too).
You can find an older version of my script earlier in this thread. If you can wait until next week I can post my current version (I will need to obfuscate my private data first).
It happens mostly with records containing “cloud” somewhere in their name (like mycloud, owncloud, nextcloud, or just cloud), so if you can rename those it would help a lot already. Other records do disappear as well, but much more seldom.
I’ve observed that records get lost in the database (and thus get inaccesssible via all kinds of API) quite a while before the actual dynv6 nameservers get aware of this so there is not need to restore them at once every time we don’t see them anymore in the API. I also hope to generate less server load using the dig approach.

Thanks for your detailed information!

I also observed that my hosts containing “cloud” (as stated above:, vanish much more often than any other host.

It would be great if a member of the dynv6 staff could give us some information if the problem has been recognized and / or is already under investigation…

I finally gave up and moved my domain to (Domain-Offensive).
They offer “FlexDNS” which seems to work reliably at first glance.
After creating a FlexDNS user, you can create FlexDNS entries for IPv4 and / or IPv6; they accept fixed IPv6 addresses as well as IPv6 network interface addresses.

In addition, there are also Let’s encrypt plugins for DomainOffensive.
Seems to be a good choice to me.

I gave up too.
After countless tests and trials I’m still facing the same problems: Either the AAAA record disappears completely or one of the name servers doesn’t update the IP.
I continue to use my very reliable account at (unfortunately no longer freely available) and as a fall-back no longer but