Can i use my ipv4 for my AAAA record

Hi, i am trying to use a nextcloud server with the android app, the problem seems to be that my domain points to the ipv6 adress of my router (FritzBox) not the ipv6 of my nextcloud server. Some people said to deactivate ipv6 altogether, but i would like to know if it cloud work if i could just use the ipv4 of my router as the AAAA record. Could this work? And how do i set my ipv4 as my AAAA record?

A only for IPV4, AAAA only for IPV6.

You can set the same DmainName to A and AAAA records at the same time. then, your client will choose A or AAAA beside on the network of client.(Client only has IPV4, it will get the A record)

you can update AAAA records inside your nextcloud server, instead of in router. it will be easliar to abtain the server’s ipv6 address.

Thanks, i did that and now it works. But i just deleted the AAAA record and deleted the second entry in my router (the one for updating the ipv6) so that it doesn’t send its ipv6. I have another server in my network and i think that there could emerge a problem in reaching this server if my AAAA record would be the ipv6 of my nextcloud.
Is there a problem in only having an A record? Do i have to use my ipv6, or could i only use ipv4?