CNAME Record can't be blank

Hi, I’m trying to make a CNAME point directly to my zone, but CNAME can’t be blank and can’t be @ also. How do I do that?

I want my zone

and not

Have you tried, that is with a “.” at the end. This should indicate that it is an absolute domain name not relative to your zones name

Yes, I did try that. The problem is that the field can’t be blank at the creation of the record.

I resolved it by adding a CNAME Record with * as DNS label, then I’ve edited it, leaving it blank, because for some reason when you’re editing it, it can be blank.

Okay when that works, that’s great. However I did not mean that it should ever be blank rather when creating the CNAME in the record name you should enter ‘something’ but in the data field ‘’ the full domain name with the dot at the end.

My problem wasn’t with the data field. I used the dot there. My problem was with the name.

Then I’ve created using an asterisk at the name, then edited removing it from the name to work.

well problem is that a CNAME cannot by definition exist alongside other records for the same name, and at the start of any given zone (which in case of a delegated sub-zone would be that name itself as well) because there need to be other records like NS and stuff.

some DNS Providers have pseudorecords like alias or whatever for this so they pick up the A/AAAA records and update them dynamically