Disable A Record / IPv4 on single zone?

Hi there!
First of all I love using dynv6. It is a great feature to create AAAA Records based on MAC-Addresses, it really makes my home network much more convenient.

However, I have one problem:
With dynv6 DNS delegation as a single zone, is it possible to disable the IPv4 Address / A Record completely?
I want to use my root domain name too, but some applications (firefox for example) default to IPv4 when they have an A and AAAA record available which points to the public facing IP of my router. I dont want to deal with NAT and afaik it is not possible to change this behaviour in firefox since it is hardcoded in the networking stack.

If it is not possible right know, this would be a feature request.

Same request, and suffered for long time.

IPv4 - A record is being binded into “zone”, once it is set to a certain value, you will never be able tp remove it.

IPv6 - AAAA record is explicitly being shown in record list, you will be able to simply delete it.

Why IPv4 - A record embedded into a zone, which is NOT aligned with the process approach as IPv6’s

You can Create new Zone which only has AAAA record. I just tested it.

By the way, using sub-domain name inside zone is recommended for muti-reicords.

But I cant delete an existing A record, right?

You can try “delete Zone” and then “re-create new Zone with the same ZoneName”.