DYNV6 deleting records

I was just wondering, why I can’t access my services any more and noticed, that my whole old account got deleted. Not only my records - I was sure, when I tried to reset the password and the system told me ‘not found’.

Update: 19:30 Wildcard-CNAME gone again.

If this doesn’t get fixed I might need to migrate to somewhere else :frowning:

Same here for an AAAA-Record today, exactly when service needed. Updated, fine so far, but can’t be really a solution, right?

I just made a simple shell script to check if my CNAME was deleted and if so, recreate it via API

  1. API token
  2. curl
  3. jq

edit: the record is being deleted too frequently… it may not be a good solution

That script works pretty well!

But yea, I found that my record was deleted sometimes in 5 minutes sometimes in 30 minutes… I probably can’t keep calling this every few minutes… there must be another solution

In my account all CNAME @ entries (for the zones itself) vanished. Happens about once every 3 months.

happened to me for a A record i setup last night

Happened to me on 2022-04-08 again, but just for one zone this time. One “@” entry, type CNAME, vanished.