*.dynv6.net stopped working

A few months ago my ipv6 only domain on dynv6.net stopped working. I finally logged into look at it today and the v6 address is correct. I can browse the IP directly and its fine. Is *.dynv6.net broken for anyone else?

Hi @jfarre20. I have a similar issue, just with *.dns.army zone. Zone is not forwarding IPv6 Mine stopped working beginning of september.

Yeah, mine just stopped working today :frowning:

EDIT: Changing the zone didn’t work, but recreating it did.

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Same happened to me today…
Thanks to @DrMcCoy tip I fixed it really fast by recreating the zone.

my zone *.dynv6.net suddenly stop working today (29/Oct/2020), the ipv6 is correct but the domain name can’t be ping [DNS reply can’t resolve the domain name]… I don’t know what happend…
location: China mainland.

All my zone *.dynv6.net have stopped working for IPv6, they seem to still work for IPv4. It looks like the DNS can’t resolve the domain name. Any advice on how to fix this?

same here for the entire day my AAAA records fail to resolve
deleted and recreated the zone
ran an update of the address to re-register
i can then see the record in the zone for and when reloading the page the record simply disappears

when I’m tryting to test the dns record by using https://dnschecker.org/ , but all the *.dynv6.net address get a cross [unable to resolved], I think there is something wrong with the server, waiting the technical guy to fix it…

Same here. Since noon today for all of my IPV6 zones.

不知道是不是只是dynv6.net 这个域名的问题

@vivazhi, 你测试过儿吗? 今天好像还是不行,不能解析

@carsten-schmidt, do you have any idea?
did it working properly now?
Here from my side still not working…




No, ns1.dynv6.net is still not resolving. I will give it another day or so, but then move to a different service.