Dynv6 not recognizing my domain

In the Domain settings, i set the dynv6 domains. When i look at it in dynv6, it looks like in the image.

Theres the dynv6 nameserver, but it still says invalid nameservers?
How to fix

You also need to remove your old nameservers (*.hostpoint.ch) and if necessary manually transfer other dns records to dynv6. The alternative and probably better method would be to to keep your current configuration and just add ns records for dynv6 like that:

dyndns IN NS ns1.dynv6.com.
dyndns IN NS ns2.dynv6.com.
dyndns IN NS ns3.dynv6.com.

Then you add dyndns.yourdomain.tld to your dynv6 domains and select the multiple zones radio box.
Now you’re able to create as many dyndns zones as needed for corresponding domain like server1.dyndns.yourdomain.tld.

Well i did that. i only have ns*.dynv6.com left. it is applied, and the site says its on the servers. But Dynv6 still says, that the hostpoint.ch servers are there!
Ok fixed it