Dynv6 record setup before domain delegation

I would like to move my personal domain (used for email, dynamic IP subdomains) from another DNS hoster to dynv6 but would like to avoid any mishaps and downtime.

I would thus like to setup the exact same DNS records from the current DNS hoster at dynv6 before delegating my domain to dynv6. Preferably querying dynv6 DNS servers directly and comparing the responses to the response of the current DNS server and only then delegating my domain to dynv6 nameservers.

The pre-population of DNS records would also make sense in order to use dynv6 as a backup DNS server.

Is there a specific reason for requiring domain delegation before allowing configuration of the zone?

If you select Single zone as domain type, the dynv6 servers respond immediately and you can already add records and query all of them.

This is not possible if your select Multiple zones. If you add example.org, than you can create zones like home.example.org and other-site.example.org, but you won’t be able to use example.org itself as a zone.

Thank you for following up on this.

For other users who also might have overlooked this feature, if you switch your domain to Single zone the tab My zones on top becomes a drop-down where you can indeed select your domain and create records, before delegating your domain.

This would indeed be sufficient to set up the MX records for the top-level domain, my sub-domains are less important.

However this leads to the follow up question if domain records are retained for the top level domain if the domain is switched to type Multiple zones later on?

… but you won’t be able to use example.org itself as a zone.

I don’t quite know what to make of this… if I define zones for multiple sub-domains ‘xyz.example.org’ I would also need to be able to define records for the top level domain ‘example.org’… How would I go about doing this?

A Zone in dynv6 has a dynamic IPv4/IPv6 address and a IPv6 prefix. It can be updated with the HTTP Update API. You can create as many records as you can like www.example.org or pc.kitchen.example.org. If one zone fits all your requirements use Single zone.

Multiple zones are intended to be used for multiple sites - each with its own dynamic addresses.

I gave it a try, actually did delegate my domain to dynv6 DNS servers temporarily but it seems to be impossible to manage the main domain DNS records (mydomain.com) and DNS records of a sub domain of this domain (subdomain.mydomain.com) at the same time.

For other newbies trying their luck, if you start with a Single zone and populate some DNS records, these will all be wiped if you switch to Multiple zones.

I do need to set up DNS records for both the top level and sub domains.

Not sure what to make of this… do others not need to define especially MX records at the top domain level while making individual devices in a home network available via sub domains?

I was also surprised by a restriction of the sub domain name length to 5-20 characters, which would make “pc . example . org” impossibe…

Am I misunderstanding something? Anyways thank you for providing the free service, its appreciated even so I am somehow not able to use it.