Help to CNAME on my server

Hi. maybe somebody can help a beginner in ipv6…
My router manufacturer provides a ddns on ipv6 for my router. Lets assume this is And I can even ping my server in the network with
I would like to map the server to a simpler name and I thought CNAME would be the way to go.
How do I do it?
Sorry, if this is too basic a question, but all search did not help.

Thanks for all the help.

you need to rent a domain if you don’t have one already. Then you can forward (ALIAS/ANAME) your domain, for example “” to a subdomain like “”. For this subdomain you can use a CNAME-entry to your router if its accessible from the internet.
I hope that helps!

Can you please please explain the exact steps needed using the web interface?


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Do you mean the webinterface of You don’t need it at all if you use the ddns of the manufacturer of your router.
You just need to rent a domain from a provider of your choice (e.g. Just search for “rent domain” with google. Then set the described ALIAS and CNAME entries, wait 24 hours and everything should work fine.