How to get a new confirmation email?

I ask this on behalf of a friend whose confirmation email went into the spam and is now told to aske for a new confirmation email, but does not know HOW to ask for the new email.
Please help, so the acoount will not get lost.

It has been nearly a month, is there no-one to give a reply?

I also encountered the same issue, and I solved it by following steps.

  1. go to the link of user edit webpage to change the email address.
  2. then a new confirmation email will be sent to the new email address.
  3. click the link in the received confirmation email with the new email address.
  4. log into the account and cancel the newly changed email address.

Then everything is OK from my side.

Really thanks dynv6 to provide us these wonderful free domain services.



Thx for the hint! It worked like described.