How to link root of domain (AAAA) entry to webserver, not to FRITZ!Box?


I successfully integrated dynv6 into my FRITZ!Box connecting via Vodafone DSL.
My domain is successfully delegated as well.

I was able to establish Dual Stack access via

My FRITZ!Box runs the dynv6 updates as shown under “Instructions”.

I’d like to link the root of my domain to my webserver running behind my FRITZ!Box.
Concering the A entry for IPV4, I was able to establish a port forwarding for HTTP and HTTPS to that server.

This server is also equipped with an IPv6 address which I implemented as subdomain via AAAA entry.
But I just don’t know how to link the root of my domain to it as my FRITZ!Box always takes its own IPv6 address for the dynv6 update. This leads to the situation that the root of my domain directs to my FRITZ!Box, not to my webserver.

How can I solve this situation?
Can I modify the update link (<domain>&token=<username>&ipv4=<ipaddr><domain>&token=<username>&ipv6=<ip6addr>&ipv6prefix=<ip6lanprefix> ) in a way that prevents my FRITZ!Box to always reset the root of my domain to its own IPv6 address?

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here you can remove the &ipv6=<ip6addr> part, so that it only updates the prefix, and add manually the record with an empty name and your suffix of your webserver (i got it to work with “::” at the beginning. for example: “::2341:5678:90ab:cdef”)

you maybe can also change the <ip6adress> part with this host-id, but then maybe you can get every update a new entry (not sure how it works)

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Works great - thanks for your reply!