How to set an A record?

I am trying to set up an A record using the administrative web interface on for my domain. It should point to the same adress as the domain itself. However, if I enter hostname “home” and leave the adress entry blank, the A record is shown as “home.domain” pointing to the correct ip but with the suffix “not set”. And nslookup or dig do not resolve home.domain to this A record. Note that “home” has an AAAA record as well resolving to its public ipv6 (auto insertion of prefix works like a charm) which is different from that of the domain.

How is this supposed to work if at all?

Assuming ‘domain’ is an abbreviation for ‘<yourdomain>’ and ‘home.domain’ then means ‘home.<yourdomain>’, everything should work as expected and the domain ‘home.<yourdomain >’ also be resolved by nslookup and dig.

‘Not set’ only means that no address was set in the web interface and dynv6 then uses the IP address of the (‘main-’) domain ‘<yourdomain>’. Just try nslookup and dig with google ( or cloudflare servers (

So I was too impatient. I gave the A record some minutes now to propagate and eventually it resolved. Thank you for giving me an understanding what “not set” means.