How to use the IPv6 prefix + mac address lookup

The home page talks about “Reach you private hosts”
My router updates its IPv4, IPv6 and delegated prefix to dynv6.
How do I need to setup my zone for dynv6 to use prefix+ mac address so I can reach hosts behind the router with IPv6 ?

Thanks !

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Just add a AAAA record with the MAC address of your device. Your device needs to use stateless address autoconfiguration (SLAAC) to generate its public address. If you have a firewall on your router you also need to allow incoming connections to your device.

That’s everything.

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Thanks for the reply !
Meanwhile I found out, so I’ll clarify the procedure:

  • if you create your own domain, create a single zone domain, not multiple zones (even if you will have subdomains of it)
  • in the zone settings, add AAAA records for subdomains, with only mac address or host id (and allow appropriate forwarding on the router firewall)
  • if you also want to share the IPv4 address, add empty A records for subdomains (and configure apropriate IPv4 port forwarding on the router firewall)

Yes, that’s it. Thanks for sharing!

Windows 10 randomizes the SLAAC input address even for the permanent one, which means you may not use the MAC address. This can either be deactivated; or one can use the non-temporary IP address or its host part (which, as with SLAAC, is the same as the link-local adress, just not determined by the MAC anymore).

Good to know. I just found this:

Set-NetIPv6Protocol -RandomizeIdentifiers Disabled