HTTP API for multiple hostnames


First of all, I’d like to thank the creators of dynv6 for this beautiful product! Is a pleasure to work with!
I was able to add a zone, as well as delegate a sub-domain to dynv6 and it all works fine!
I am able to create multiple hostnames under the zones with nsupdate and ssh apis, but not with http api.
Am I missing something or is this feature not yet implemented? If not supported, is there a plan to add it later and if yes, is there already a timeline?

Thanks a lot!

The REST API supports all features of the Web UI, because the Web UI uses it directly :wink:
Did you try this operation to add records for your hosts?

Hi Corny,
Thanks for your answer. Yes, I saw the REST API, however my goal is to set up a router to automatically update a single record, and not the entire subdomain. Integration of the REST API into a router dyndns function will probably be not the easiest task to do :slight_smile: In contrast to the http API

Could you tell me your issue had any answer?

No unfortunately there was no answer