IPv6 prefix is not fully applied when its size is greater than 64 bits


I ran an update over my zone’s IPv6 “section” using a call similar to https://dynv6.com/api/update?hostname=myhostname&token=mytoken&ipv6=2a02:2f0a:b700:5356:8f0d:f98a:2995:d201/96.

The IPv6 prefix was correctly updated, by considering the 96 bits specified size, as I can see it in UI displayed as 2a02:2f0a:b700:5356:8f0d:f98a::.

I also have an AAAA record defined, for example having the data specified as ::57bb:6602.

The problem is that the resulted address in this case is 2a02:2f0a:b700:5356::57bb:6602 instead of the desired 2a02:2f0a:b700:5356:8f0d:f98a:57bb:6602. Obviously, only the first 64 bits from the stored prefix are considered instead of the expected all 96.

Can this be considered a bug? If not, would it be possible to add support for prefix sizes greater than 64 bits?

Many thanks!