Is ns3 working at the moment?


I’m having some problems accessing my server, and it seems that, using both an online tool and nslookup to look up my domain, this is successful for ns{1,2}, but the third nameserver is returning a different result to the other two.

It seems that getting just the address of the zone is fine, but I have a wildcard rule forwarding all subdonains to the canonical name, and this is returning “record not found” on the third nameserver, but not the other two.

Is there anything going on with ns3 at the moment?

Thanks, please let me know if I can provide any more info.

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I’m experiencing a similar issue. ns3 is not returning a ip6 for a certain domain at all. ns1/ns2 work fine though…

I’ve got the same problem. ns3 is not returning any ip address.

Updating the IP address by hand and changing it back to the old one resets the records on all nameservers (ns1, ns2, ns3).
So, ns3 now returns my IP address again. This is not a solution for this problem but it helps to get it working for the moment.