Missing ipv6 AAAA Record

I have a dns regularly updated with my current adress.
A login to dynvn6 shows me the current adress, in both ways, A + AAAA.
Now I want to run a 6tunnel from my vserser because I’ behind a dual stack lite.
"6tunnel -6(-4?) <dnsname.dynv6.net> and it reports that I’m using two ip_4 Adresses.
Any sugestions?

sorry I have written here the syntax of 6tunnel wrong.
I was naturaly using:
6tunnel -6 or -4 dnsname.dnsv6.net

Your dynv6 domain only resolves to one A and one AAAA record. Your can check it with host <dnsname.dynv6.net>. Your issue does not seem to be related to dynv6/DNS.