Nameserver delegation with netcup

I’m currently trying to set up my netcup domain for the dyndns service. If I enter the dyndns nameservers as custom nameservers for my domain, I get the error message

Die Domain wird nicht vom Nameserver verwaltet. Erst wenn der angebene Nameserver die Domain verwaltet, kann er eingetragen werden.

“The domain is not managed by the name server It can be entered only when the specified name server manages the domain”

Tested the cloudflare nameservers after adding my domain and it did work. Is there any known workaround?

Thanks a lot! (hope it’s okay to ask it here)

EDIT: analog issue with strato

At the moment our servers only respond with PTR records if there is a zone with excactly that name in our database. To achive that please change the type of your domain to Single Zone. After the update of your nameserver records at your domain provider has been finished, you can change the type back to Multiple Zones - if you want it that way.

Thank you for the quick response, I’ll try it again.

How long will it take approximately to advertise the domain management on your servers till I can add them at my domain registrar? I set it up as Single Zone first but even after a couple hours I got the error message listed above with three different Domains at netcup and Strato using your nameservers.

EDIT: to be clear, the issue appears when trying to add Second-level domains and changing the nameservers for the “root”.

Adding your nameservers as a NS-Record for subdomains works flawlessly.

Unfortunately a major backend refactoring introduced a bug yesterday. It just has been fixed. Changes in the datebase should be always effective within a second.

It seems to work now, thanks a lot for the awesome support!
I was able to add the nameservers at my registrar.

Have a nice sunday.