Option for subdomain to adopt zone ipv4 address

i might be missing something but i think it is not possible right now to let a subdomain adopt the ipv4 address of the zone. It would be useful if in the A-Record dialog you could leave the ipv4 address field blank and the service would automatically fill in the zones ipv4 address it got at the last update. Similar to how it is possible to only enter the zone part of an ipv6 address and dynv6 concatenates it automatically with the ipv6 prefix.
This would make it much easier to make hosts reachable with both A and AAAA records that auto update (from just the router).
If this is already possible i’m sorry, i could not find anything about that.

Hello Jakob,

If I understand your issue correctly, you want a CNAME record pointing to the zone (i.e. leave the hostname field blank in the “add record” form).

Does this work for you?



well a CNAME wouldn’t work, because it has to stand alone.

What i would like to have is an option to give devices behind a router their own domain with an ipv6 AND ipv4 record with the router doing all the updating.

Lets say i have two devices x and y behind my router. I can then make a new zone (for example myname.dynv6.tld) in dynv6 and have my router (not each device) update the ipv4/ipv6 addresses of the router and the ipv6 prefix of everything behind the router.

I can then add subdomain AAAA records for devices x and y (for example x.myname.dynv6.tld) by simply adding the fixed part (MAC address) of all of its ipv6 addresses to dynv6, which automatically concatenates it with the prefix it got from the last router update to generate the current ipv6 address. But to reach devices x and y via ipv4 i still have to go through the zone domain (here myname.dynv6.tld), because the subdomains do not have an A record attached. I could add one manually but it would become wrong when the router gets a new ipv4 address.

Here is what i requested: If you leave the ipv4 field in the A record dialog blank, dynv6 should fill in the zones ipv4 address and update accordingly. So if add an A record for x.myname.dynv6.tld in my example and leave the ip address field blank it should point to my routers address. This would make it easy to make devices reachable with both ipv4 and ipv6 with just the router doing all the updating should its ip addresses / prefixes change.


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I see. (For the uninitiated: you can’t have a CNAME and A/AAAA record on the same domain at the same time).

I guess for now you’d have to resort to the HTTP REST or DNS Update APIs, until we get this in place. This however is a manual approach and nothing you can do with an ISP router (like a Fritz!Box or a Speedport). You would need an OpenWrt router or a dedicated machine like a Raspberry Pi on the network to accomplish this, plus some programming experience…

Side note: I’d prefer to reuse the special token @ instead of a blank address for A records, just to avoid accidental blank entries. The @ already has a special meaning for other fields (usually meaning “name of the zone”), albeit it is used for the name (not the data/address).

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The ‘@’ is a good idea! Thank you for replying!

I’m going to implement this within the next days.

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The work has been finished. It is now possible to create A records without addresses. In this case the address of the zone will be adopted.


Works like a charm, Thank you very much…