Portmapper public IPv4 to IPv6 TCP

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A portmapper feature would be great.

  • Public, open (listening) IPv4 sockets that “connect” to IPv6-only sockets (TCP) so IPv4-only clients can use IPv6-only services without configuring tunnels themselves.
  • Applicable to services where latency doesn’t matter that much.
  • The user would need to know the external port that has been assigned on the provider’s side (UX and/or API).
  • The user defines the target’s hostname and port.

The provider (dynv6) should define bandwidth and aggregate data transmission limits - e.g. per hour - as it causes traffic on the provider’s infrastructure (finite resources).

Personal opinion
There are competitors who charge just under €5 per year for one dozen of mapped ports. As dynv6 is free of charge, I don’t think it would be a good idea to introduce this feature if it would add costs.
Personally I’d pay for this service, €6/year max. for DDNS and portmapping combined. And I need this just because one of my (monopoly) ISPs and half of my friends’ ISPs are too lazy to introduce IPv6 for more than seven years already and Teredo doesn’t work reliably / doesn’t work on Android.

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Basically it’s something to work around the problem stated there:

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We’re working on the portmapping feature. The portmapping server already works, but the API and UI is still missing. It might be finished within 3-4 weeks.


@corny - Is the port mapping feature ready for using, or still in process. Wbr Alex

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I’d also be really interested in this feature. Thank you for looking into it! I’m really happy with the service so far.

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Hi Corny,

Is this feature ready for testing? I wouldn’t mind just using the API

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