Question about the fritzbox update URL

the Updateurl is stated as<domain>&token=<username>&ipv4=<ipaddr><domain>&token=<username>&ipv6=<ip6addr>&ipv6prefix=<ip6lanprefix>

containing 2 urls saying that this is to make IPv4 and v6 update.

(combined with whitespace to update IPv4 and IPv6 addresses simultaneously)

is there a reason this cannot be done in one shot? like for example<domain>&token=<username>&ipv4=<ipaddr>&ipv6=<ip6addr>&ipv6prefix=<ip6lanprefix>

just curious.

You should use https instead of http to secure data you sending to dynv6. Otherwise, your hostname, token and IP address could be steal.

I just copied the URL off the instructions.

It is a mistake in the fritzbox instruction.

If you look on the dynv6 web site, Update API section, you will see they use https and not http protocol.

I suggest to read this article. It will explain why you should not use http protocol.

I dont need to know why http is bad, I know already, also http or https was not the point of my question just to note.

also then maybe someone should fix the instruction