SubDomains inside dynv6 delegate domain

before all, i ask for the developers don’t treat this like a BUG but like a Feature to be improved.

I found out how do multiple subdomain from root delegated domain into dynv6, for example “

To this to work in how the service allows:

1°, create all the subdomains you will use into “My Domains”, Multiple zones types.

2°, include the root domain,, “single zone” type.

3°, add one cname record for every subdomain you have created into your root domain (

4°, if you don’t have delegate the root domain yet, just do it.

5°, Create yours zones, with yours subdomain, like

6°, enjoy.

Just one addendum.

Don’t need do add one cname for every subdomain.

Just one, cname with a wildcard “*” are sufficient.