'The hostname specified does not exist in the database'

Hey there,

trying to get my raspberry to work with dynv6, my own domain and ddclient.
Domain is set up and delegated. Hosted at netim.
ddclient ‘should’ also be set up correctly but i get the following error:
:~$ sudo ddclient
FAILED: updating ###.###.eu: nohost: The hostname specified does not exist in the database

This is my ddclient config:
use=if, if=ens18

If i try this config with a dynv6 domain zone it’s working perfectly.

Did anyone experience this and has an answer? Seriously searching the web for a few hours now…

Are you using a own domain, because of the .eu?
Ist the delegation valid and active?

Have you checked if your configuration and the example configuration in the Instructions section are identical?

I do, and yes, the delegation is all green and stated as “delegated” in the domain overview.
As i said, native dynv6 adresses work fine.

Solved, suddenly started working after 24h