Url works but only without www in front

Hello everybody, I’m trying to set up my fritz box with dynv6. (to access a linux server in my homenetwork from outside)

Only problem I have is: I can’t reach my domain when I have a www in front of the url. so blub.dynv6.com is working but www.blub.dynv6.net is not. How can I change this? Tryed to add a record with www in front for the zone but it does not help. Do I have to add a second zone instead? Or what needs to be done?

A second question: Do I need A records too to be reachable for clients who are using ipv4 or is AAAA enough in this case? If I want to add an A-Record for blub.dynv6.net I have to let name blank (also the forms says Im not allowed to it saves it like this, but dont know if it works?)


first question: you can’t change that. A domain can be reached with or without www in front. It depends on how you configure your server. I. e. www.example.com or example.com or both. Subdomains like blub.dynv6.com (and blib.blub.dynv6.com and …) you can’t reach with a www in front. In simplified terms the subdomain blub replaces the www. For more info → google.

Second question: If you want to be reachable by IPv4-only clients, you need an A-record, of course. It’s the first entry in your zone configuration (Current status). But you have only one IPv4-address (and be lucky if you have it, DSL-Lite users will envy you). You determine which servers are reached in the Fritzbox with port forwarding.

Hope that helps.