V6.rocks got listed in dbl.spamhaus.org

What can I do here? I tried delisting manually but request is being denied.

Are you sure? I just looked up v6.rocks on the spamhaus lookup page and it says it’s not on the list.

One of my domains got on a blacklist once after a system with a weak root password got pwned. This was overlooked as I usually don’t have root passwords nor allow ssh to root. Long story short, make sure you fix the reason your domain was added to the list or it’ll get put back on there rather quickly.

Thank you for taking time in answering this. Yes, you are right it’s no longer listed anymore on spamhaus. It automatically got delisted and I didn’t make any changes on server. My server is already hardened as per best of my knowledge.

Today, I examined the blackist report again and noticed v6.rocks is now listed on http://www.surbl.org/surbl-analysis.

Please help me in understanding how this blacklisting works.

UPDATE: It’s not listed anymore in either databases today.

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