V6.rocks Namespace Not Working

Hello! I’m a hobby developer and use v6.rocks namespaces for my projects. All my projects are free and have no ads.

My status page has detected all my projects with a namespace on v6.rocks as down. When I go to any of my projects (no matter where it’s pointed) it’s showing a connection timeout error. All the servers I use are online and I don’t see any issues server-side, so I think it might be a Dynv6 issue.

Do I need to delete/re-create the namespace, choose a different one or wait for a solution?

I am guessing we need to wait. But you aren’t alone. I’m also having the issue as well as multiple other users. There is already a thread in the german section. Here.

yeah, on the same boat. hope the problem got fixed soon

It appears that v6.rocks domain is back!
Great thanks those who worked on this issue.

Can confirm, my projects are back up now! Thank you for letting me know the domain’s back and thanks to the person who fixed it :slight_smile: