What to do next? (misunderstood settings)

Hi there.

As I struggled to find any howto, I am asking myself if I did anything wrong as the URL in my zone page on DYNv6 doesn’t work. ( website unreachable)
I registered the URL I want to use in “My domains” and the IPv4 and IPv6 are specified in “My zones” .
I also set up the ddclient et did the settings as required on the host (behind my router which is a Freebox from my ISP Free).
I’ve got the status “not delegated” alongside with my URL in the “My domains” page. I’ve to say that I used the IPv6 of the device that is in my lan beyond my router. Thanks in advance for any help.


This service needs you to have a domain from which you can delegate a subdomain to this service…

  • you own “yourdomain(.)com”
  • in the DNS panel of “yourdomain(.)com” you need to make a subdomain i.e. “dyn(.)yourdomain(.)com”, this subdomain should be delegated to the “dynv6 nameservers”.
  • in dynv6 you configure a domain for “dyn(.)subdomain(.)com”
  • if you select single zone, your hosts will show up as “host1(.)dyn(.)yourdomain(.)com”
  • if you select multi zone, your hosts will show up as “host1(.)zone1(.)dyn(.)yourdomain(.)com”, where zone is the name of the zone1 of your choosing.

Hope this helps.


Hi Dion.

Thank you for you answer. It’s much clearer now.

I don’t own any domain, I’ve been given one by my isp as I set up the reverse dns, which was working fine until they switched to ipv6.
So, I don’t have any access to some DNS settings for that url.
Many thanks for explaining.