Zone is not forwarding IPv6

Hello everybody!
I am successfully using your service for over a year now. Thank you very much for that!

Unluckily the IPv6 forwarding is not working anymore. (I am not sure for how long, something between a few days and a few weeks). I can successfully reach the given IP (which hasn’t changed for over a year) from the outside world, but not via the dynv6 service. Only IPv4 works. I have to say that nothing inside the working system has changed and is has to be a change that was performed on your system or an error on your service side. I hope you can get it working again, for the meantime I am going to hardcode the address as an unhappy workaround.

Thank you in advance.

For a week now I also cannot resolve my zone, I’m using IPv6 primarly. So I’m also thinking that there’s a service side problem. Could someone look into it?

Best regards.

Hi @madgisi any new on your side? It’s still not working for me… Still resolving my zone name fails…

Hi @corny. Do you know maybe the issue? I have two zones set up, for one of them the ipv6 resolving does not work for more than a month. I don’t think there’s an issue on my side, there was a similar promlem in March, back then I was able to reach the support via mail, it got resolved.

Best regards.

Hi together
I seem to run into the same problem - my zone (ipv6 only) stopped being routed. (IP address works but not the correctly associated name)
I tried the mentioned work-around but my newly created zone stopped working three days later - did anyone find a solution to this ?
best regards

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