How to manage DNS for own custom domain

I added my own domain with the domain type of ‘Multiple zones’. I can add sub domains such as create any DNS entries. However, I want to create DNS entries for the main such as MX and CNAME etc. I can’t see any options for this. Any ideas?

It says what you have to do right there, where you can add the domain.

If you’re using the root domain, setup the nameservers with your domain registrar.

I got a similar issue.
I delegated my main domain to dynv6, created some subdomains and everything is fine.
Now I want to create a MX record on the main domain. Can I even do that after I split the domain into multiple zones?

Doesn’t look like it. So change to single zone or host your main Domain else where I would guess.

I solved my issue today by doing the following

  1. Reverted name servers for back to GoDaddy
  2. Created three nameserver records for a new subdomain for, and
  3. Delegated at
  4. Wrote a script to create and update subdomains under
  5. Added as a domain alias for my existing gmail email. This was free as I already pay for my gmail account each month

Hey presto :wink:

i hope this help you.