How to update AAAA record of a subdomain of a single zone?

How to update AAAA record of a subdomain of a single zone via API update.
If i provide subdomain name in place of hostname, it gives error saying: zone not found.

I need to update all the subdomains under a zone to the same IPV6 address as its parent zone, which is getting updated by Update API.

Please guide.

Please tell me if i m wrong, but cant you create a cname record to the parent zone, so you have only to update the parent zone?

Which api do you want to use? I didnt get it to work with http. I think (didnt test it yet) the Rest API should work.

CNAME is the solution. I have been using CNAME and it is working.

For updating and calling API, since I needed ipv6 which was not supported by available clients, I made a small client program by myself. You can check it at GitHub by my user Jayesh-Mahato

But from yesterday I am seeing disturbance in dynv6 services. Sometimes my website is loading and sometimes it’s not. Need to figure out this issue…

Edit Update: I think the disturbances are rooted because I am using only ipv6. I am not using ipv4 since i can’t use it due to local ISP limitations. Still trying to figure this out…

Oh, i made a script also:

I had problems (not now, cause my script automatically updates again, if it didnt work), that not all nameserver of dynv6 had updated the ip.

Haha. Seems everyone is stumbling upon similar hurdles.
Mine is available at:

I don’t understand the effort. Assumed:

AAAA 1:2:3:4:5:6:7:8
Prefix: 1:2:3:4

Each additionally created subdomain gets the new prefix when it is updated if it is created according to the following scheme:
AAAA ::9:10:11:12

It is important to only enter the host part of the ipv6 address (or optionally the MAC address for linux computers). If the host part or the MAC address of the zone is given, all get the same IPv6 address.
AAAA ::5:6:7:8


No additional script is needed.

It is answered above that CNAME works fine for this question.

The script is for NOT manually updating the IPv6. The script is for automatic updating without you needing to do anything.

Oh, thank you, i didnt now.
But maybe you have a subdomain on another server (not behind this prefix), you can do it with that script.
Or do you work with Multiple zones in that case? How do you get then a website to the main domain?
Maybe i will work on that script once again, but its working right now.

I just wanted to point out another possibility. Also because using SSL certificates can cause problems with CNAME. In addition, you can make several computers (with different host parts) accessible in your private network under different subdomains, which is also the purpose of this option.

Yes, you need something to automate updating. But according to the kiss principle, I would prefer a tested DynDNS client to a self-made script. But that’s my personal choice. And with this solution, a normal DynDNS client is sufficient, or even better, the possibly existing router.

This is not the standard case for DynDNS. DynDNS gives you the opportunity to make your private home network accessible on the Internet. And your router usually gets only one prefix from your ISP (for your home net).

If you have such a special case, a normal DynDNS client can of course not help you, then you may need your own script. But there are other solutions (own zone, own script only on this server, a possibly existing router updated, …)

Maybe I don’t understand it right, but - use a link?

All in all I just wanted to show a (possibly simpler) solution and not offend anyone.

Thank you, i tried to work with ddclient, but didnt really got it to work, what client do you use, (on what type of OS)? Oh, you just use the option in the router.
I thought, that (maybe) i have multiple services (on subdomains), but some are hosted externally…
I made the script just for learning the API (and so on). I thought it is just good place to learn coding. And maybe someone can compare their code with mine.

If you deligate a zone to dynv6, there are 2 options: single zone and multiple zone. If you would have a server on another host, would you use a multiple zone? I was trying out with that option, but didnt got it to work that the main domain showed a website.

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

@ randomserver42

I use dynv6 to access my home network over the internet. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with delegation, multi/single zones. And yes, I just use the option in the router.

I just googled “dynv6 multi single zone”. There are some hits.
What to do next? (misunderstood settings) explains multi/single zones quite well. Please just google it yourself.

I took a quick look at the for your script. Some comments:

systemd job running every hour

means that your server may not be available for 1 hour

request to the fritzbox for getting the ipv4

you can also ask the fritzbox for the prefix; the host part of the computers should actually never change

Have fun programming! Python is a good choice (not only for newbies).

Thank you very much,

yes, i didnt search any longer…

I now know that there are some NoGos in the script…

Yes I know, that is between 3-4 in the night…

Thats quite good to know. I thought about that, but didnt go further, cause i thougt i need a hole ipv6 address as record.
How do you deal with subdomains? I made them with a cname record to access the same server. You mentioned, that this could cause SSL problems? Did you put the suffix of the server as record for every subdomain? (And how do you work with letsencrypt? Does every subdomain gets its own certificate or do you have on instance that creates one?)

Thank you for your attention! Its quite good to learn directy from someone!
Should we stop here, and communicate per message? Because we (i) get a bit offtopic right now…