[solved] AAAA RRs for zones can't be resolved

Users reported in AAAA record got lost that they are not able to resolve AAAA RRs for a zone, if the zone has no records.

I can confirm that IPv6 addresses added as prefix to the zone won’t cause a AAAA answer, when the zone has not AAAA records. This seems to be an oversight, because I remember that this was a valid use case in the past. It seems like a larger refactoring hat removed that functionality, together with the corresponding tests…

The current workaround is to add an empty AAAA record to the zone, pointing to the address :: (yes, that’s a valid IPv6 address :wink: ).

I’ll see to it that we’re going to restore the former functionality. There may be a small caveat though: resolving the IPv6 prefix of to an AAAA RR will only be allowed if there are no AAAA records in the zone (apart from ::).

I’ve deployed an update which should hopefully fix this issue.

I still have the problem. The record for my host currently only returns the IPv4 address. The IPv6 address is not reachable.

Your zone data looks OK to me (I’ve sent you a message with more details).

By the way: “not reachable” may have different causes, we do only DNS - i.e. resolving names to numbers.

Whether that number is a valid IP address, and whether the host belonging to that address are online and accept incoming connections is a whole other story :slight_smile: