[solved] AAAA RRs for zones can't be resolved

Users reported in AAAA record got lost that they are not able to resolve AAAA RRs for a zone, if the zone has no records.

I can confirm that IPv6 addresses added as prefix to the zone won’t cause a AAAA answer, when the zone has not AAAA records. This seems to be an oversight, because I remember that this was a valid use case in the past. It seems like a larger refactoring hat removed that functionality, together with the corresponding tests…

The current workaround is to add an empty AAAA record to the zone, pointing to the address :: (yes, that’s a valid IPv6 address :wink: ).

I’ll see to it that we’re going to restore the former functionality. There may be a small caveat though: resolving the IPv6 prefix of to an AAAA RR will only be allowed if there are no AAAA records in the zone (apart from ::).

I’ve deployed an update which should hopefully fix this issue.