SRV Resource Record supported?

Is it possible to configure SRV records ( RFC 2782 ) ?
Currently for my DS-Lite internet connection I use an AAAA and an A record where the port number is dynamically assigned for the IPv4 relay port mapping. Because of that, poor IPv4-only users have to append a 5-digit port number to the address.
I’m aware of SRV records not being widely adopted (serverfault question 940476) so this feature request is a nice-to-have only.

Just for my curiosity: Which service do you use that supports SRV records? And how do you get to know to your your dynamically assigned port number?

a) I’d like to use it for ssh clients [1] and web browsers [2].
[1] My favourite ssh clients are open-source so I can just add that feature myself - and hopefully it will be merged.
[2] In the short term using my own software for retrieving the SRV record and opening a browser.

b) I use The portmapper on their website tells the actual outside port on their host (at the moment I have entered their host’s IPv4 as A record for my hostname).

I have just added support for SRV records. Please check it out.

Would you like to have a portmapper feature at dynv6?

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Thank you very much!
A portmapper [3] feature would be great. Shall I create a new feature request thread for that one?
[3] I hope we talk about the same thing. I need public, open IPv4 sockets that “connect” to my IPv6-only sockets (at the moment I just need TCP) for about 5 different ports.
PS: My new smartphone doesn’t support IPv6 for hotspots/tethering anymore - the old one flawlessly supported it though - however, all of my services are IPv6 only, Teredo is far from stable and time is limited.

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Yes, please create a new thread for a portmapper and describe how you would like to configure portmappings.