The ns[1-3] not always updated with my public IP address


My public IP address is not always updated on the, or server.

I use a bash script to notify my new public IP address using this command :

curl --silent --show-error --fail --max-time 30

I wait 7 seconds before checking if DNS updated with my new public IP address using these commands :

dig -4 +short HOSTNAME
This command repeat for ns2 and ns3 server.

Sometime one of the ns[1-3] keep my old IP address.

Is something wrong with my curl command?

Thanks for help

More information about the problem.
I use the curl command you suggest in the page ( Use our update script - and I could reproduce the issue.

Sometime not all your ns* are updated with my new public IP address. To be more clear, sometime it works (all ns* are configure with my new public IP address) and sometime one of them keep my old IP address.

It is very strange because when the problem happen, I use the same command another time and the IP address are updated on all your ns* server. If my command is bad, when the problem occur, why using the same command launch again, your dynv6 DNS is updated correctly?

Could you help me to solve this issue?



Add more information

Can someone could explain to me why not all dynv6 DNS server have update my new public IP address after using the dynv6 update API?
The answer receive after using the update API is “addresses updated” but, when I look what is configured in dynv6 DNS server was keeping my old IP address.

Here my log:

my_web_site : IP address change to — addresses updated : my_web_site => : my_web_site => : my_web_site =>

Many peoples reported same issue. This problem was reported for the first time on September 20 2020.

To help other people that have the same issue.

When you update IP address using dynv6 API.
Wait few seconds (delay)
Verify that and and have your new IP address.
If not, update IP address using dynv6 API by sending IP address=
Wait few seconds (delay)
Update again with your public IP address

To dynv6 admin people, I appreciate the time and effort you put in your project.
Could you give us status for this bug.